Emergencies dial 911

Non-Emergencies please dial (336) 846-5600

Emergencies dial 9-1-1

non-Emergencies dial (336) 846-5600


The Communications Center provides 24-hour dispatching services for all law, fire and EMS agencies in Ashe County. The Communications Center serves all of Ashe County, consisting of a population of over 27,932 people spanning an area of 427 square miles. Telecommunicators perform various duties such as receiving emergency and non-emergency calls for public service via computerized E-911 equipment, dispatching appropriate resources utilizing a computer aided dispatch (CAD) system and automated mapping system, maintaining activity status records of resource units, serving as an information resource to response units and the general public, operating radio transmitters in accordance with FCC rules and regulations, communicating by computer with mobile data computers and maintaining electronic data files. Telecommunicators regularly work a 12 hour shift on a rotating schedule.


All telecommunicators are trained by NC Sheriff Standards certified instructors in Basic Telecommunicator courses during the initial stages of employment. Continued professional training takes place throughout the year due to the constant changes in public safety policies and procedures.


Qualified applicants must be able to type 35 net words per minute keyboarding, pass a written exam, background investigation and two interviews. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Communications Center at (336)846-5600 to schedule an orientation sometime during the hiring process. Applications and all other questions regarding the hiring process should be directed to the Ashe County Communications Chief Dispatcher, at Ashe County Communications Center, 140 Government Circle, Jefferson, NC 28640 (336)846-5600.